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Hosanna Home was founded in 1996 by Rick and Kim Hagans. The purpose of Hosanna Home was to give a place of restoration to women who are 19 years+ that are suffering from life controlling issues. Primarily some form of addiction such as drugs, alcohol, men etc. Hosanna home is a one-year program that allows the women a safe refuge while repairing past mistakes and building a new relationship with our Lord and Savior.  While it is not ideal Hosanna Home will allow the mother to bring her children although they do try to find other resources for the children the first 90 days.

Our one-year residential discipleship ministry incorporates a combination of Bible based teachings along with relapse prevention, life skills, financial literacy and point directed classes on things the ladies struggle with such as self-worth, forgiveness, inner strength etc.  Hosanna Home’s desire is to see women transformed into the image of Christ. Hosanna Home prays to send them out as Godly wives, mothers, daughters in the way that they were created by God.

If you have any questions, know someone that needs help, or you need help yourself, please

call 334-591-5711 or email


We are a Christian Discipleship Rehabilitation Program: 


We are a Faith and Bible based program. We have multiple classes Monday-Thursday that are structured to explore the teachings of the Bible and how they can apply these lessons to their lives.


We believe that it is only through a relationship with


Jesus Christ that men & women can be truly set free from their life controlling issues.  Without Jesus there will always be a hole in your heart that you will try to fill with other things until you find him. Hosanna Home focuses on Discipleship and teaching how forming a relationship with Jesus Christ can transform their lives and give them opportunities to have a new life.


The battle with life controlling issues comes with a unique set of challenges. This requires a very strict and structured program and rules. One of the first words you will learn in recovery is the word ACCOUNTABILITY. To achieve this goal there must be structure. Below are a few of the main things you should know before coming to Hosanna Home:​

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  1. It was a one-year program

  2. Hosanna Home is a nicotine free program

  3. Residents are not allowed to take psychotropic medications

  4. Passes are at the discretion of the Director and will not be granted for at least 30 days.

  5. There will be random drug, alcohol and nicotine test.

  6. You will be expected to volunteer at the Harvest thrift store at least one day per week

  7. You will be loved and cared for and shown the love of Jesus

  8. You will have a safe place to lay your head

  9. You will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible

  10. You will learn more about Jesus that you ever thought possible

  11. If you do the program you will leave stronger than you’ve ever been.

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As we often tell our ladies, “We don’t bring you in for success
to send you out to failure”

To apply for admittance into Hosanna Home please click on the link to the left to download our application.
One filled out please email it to or mail it to:
Kim Hagans
c/o Hosanna Home
P.O. Box 2888
Opelika, AL 36803
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