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Harvest Missions

"You're either a missionary or a mission field" | "You're now entering your mission field"

We've all heard quotes like these. We've believed them. We just don't always know what to do with them. Here at Harvest Evangelism we've helped hundreds upon hundreds of people and their churches figure out what 'missions' look like in their lives. 


We do this by offering opportunities to take part in a missions experience. We primarily take individuals, and groups on short term mission trips to Reynosa, Mexico where we've helped establish an orphanage, several churches, and humanitarian outreach all along the border there. 

We take groups down every year during the Christmas holidays and in the summer, when most schools are out. And we have also take a number of Spring Break trips over the years. We are able to customize these trips for up to one-hundred people. Many churches have used our mission trip to Mexico as a type of 'Introduction to Missions' opportunity for their people. This is primarily due to the low cost of this trip ($500) for the week compared to the higher cost of other international trips. One these trip we also stay in Mission, TX and cross the border into Mexico each day. If you, or your church/organization, are interested in 


joining us on a Mexico trip please let us know. Or if you have a team together (this trip requires a minimum of 14 people) and would like to take a mission trip to Reynosa we would love to work with you and get your team taken care off. 


Over the years we have also been able to partner with other missionaries and churches across the globe. Harvest Evangelism has been able to take a number of trips to India which mostly consist of partnering with local churches where we are able to preach and encourage the local churches in these area. 


We have also take trips to Meso-America where we have been able to partner with local missionaries and church-planter to aid in humanitarian efforts. This allows us to help give these individuals momentum 

that will last long after our teams have left. These trips have also allowed for these missionaries to do things, such as piping in clean water, which aids in winning over the trust of these remote villages and gives the missionaries and pastors the the relational capital needed to build churches in these villages. 

We also encourage individuals or groups to experience the day-to-day mission life that His Place and Hosanna Home provide for these men, women, and children who live at our facilities. This could be a one day effort, a week, or longer. Lots of churches come out and serve for a day or even a single service. If you would be interested in this please let us know by filling out the 'Donate Time' form on the website to sign up to volunteer with us. 

Along with all of this, Harvest Evangelism has also partnered with Christ In Action for domestic disaster relief. We have done this since 1996 when Rick, along with his two oldest sons, aided in disaster relief after the devastating tornado in Oklahoma City. Since then Harvest Evangelism has aided in relief after Hurricane Katrina, Super-Storm Sandy, and a number of other disasters. 

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