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After Care at His Place

His Place works with each man to develop a stable graduation plan. His place has a few transition houses that some of the men can move into for up to one year as they continue in recovery and work to find stability. Each man that lives in the transition home will be expected to pay rent and will be required to follow a strict budget and savings plan. The men are also encouraged to attend school while living in transition. His Place believes that all the men that graduate from the program will forever be apart of the family and they will continue to keep in touch and offer guidance when needed.  His Place recognizes that going home is not a safe solution for some of the men and tries to offer solutions to this problem whenever possible. His Place continues to pray for the graduates which is considered the most important thing they can do for them.

After Care at Hosanna Home

Hosanna Home will work with each lady that graduates to set up a stable graduation plan. We do not believe that our love ends the day they graduate so there are many options for our ladies.  We allow some of our graduates to remain in the center while they continue to take care of things that could send them into relapse. A few examples of this would be not having a safe place to return to, lack of funds or employment,  being overwhelmed with tickets and fines, saving money to purchase transportation etc. Many of our ladies start college while in the program and we allow them to stay with us if needed. We also will allow the ladies to come back for short term stays if they are feeling weak or overwhelmed.  For many just having a safe place is enough to keep them on their path.  We will electronically keep in touch with them via phone and/or email. Most importantly we will continue to pray for them. 

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