Kim Hagans

Born in Riverside, California to Dub and Dee Bryan, Kim was raised in the church and was Born Again at age 5. She has had a heart to share the Good News of the Love God has for us her whole life. At age 12-15 the church her family attended partnered with the local Teen Challenge, The Castle, on several outreaches. It was during this time she became very aware of the change the Word of God and His love can make in a persons life. This knowledge helped her when she later became Rick’s wife and they started a ministry partnering with David Wilkerson, founder of Teen Challenge. Realizing that years before God had given her the opportunity to see first hand Gods desire to heal and set the captive free, she was with Rick every step of the way to work with him in the founding of East Alabama Challenge and then Harvest Evangelism, Inc.

Kim, being there from the beginning and helping Rick out wherever he needs her to, her heart is working with the Ladies Ministries with their organization, Harvest Evangelism. But her desire to see women everywhere set free, Kim also serves as an on call advisor for churches and other women’s’ recovery centers. She teaches Bible Studies, and speaks at Women's seminars, conferences, in church services, mentors ladies locally and helps disciple others who don't have someone close by to do so. For over 38 years Kim Hagans has had the privilege to counsel, disciple, teach, and love on many women through her passion to show them the love of Christ. She finds it a joy to share Christ with each woman she meets and to watch as the Lord comes into their lives and transforms them; changing their desires and healing their hearts.

She is a regular writer in their Harvest Evangelism monthly newsletter. She has written for a quarterly newsletter through the ladies’ ministry at Lakeview Baptist Church in Auburn, Alabama. She has had two articles published in the national monthly Proverbs 31 (P31) Ministries magazine. She was also a featured writer in the international magazine, No Limits (published in London England).

Kim enjoys the opportunity to minister in her local community. She has also spoken in churches in across Alabama, in Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, New Jersey and New York. She has ministered in Mexico, England, England and India where she worked extensively ministering to the women, children and men caught up in the sex slave industry.

Her love for the Lord, and for the women He loves, and insights from God's Word easily come through to bless the heart and soul of every listener and reader.